Yazd; The First City of raw Clay and the Second Historical City of the World
Yazd city with an area of ​​2397 square kilometers due to job attractions, welfare and administrative concentration, with a population of more than five hundred thousand people, is the most populous city in Yazd province. This city includes two central parts and Zarch with the cities of Yazd, Shahdieh, Hamidia and the villages of Fajr, Fahraj, Allahabad and Mohammadabad. Yazd is one of the old cities of Iran and one of the best examples of desert cities. In this city, everything indicates the movement and liveliness of the social environment. The name of Yazd is usually reminiscent of original and artistic works. The delicacies used in the construction of works of art and architecture of this region are unique in their kind and therefore have a lot of artistic value.

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